Nodejs, PHP, ExpressJs, MySql, MongoDB


Hello, my name is Dhanjiv Pandey and I am an award winner Back-end and RESTfull API developer with Node Js, Express Js, PHP, Laravel and Codeigniter specialist.

I prefer back-end development because I love manipulating data!

I create and contribute to web applications with clean, portable, well-documented code. NodeJs, ExpressJs and PHP – is my passion, Laravel, Codeigniter, Slim Framework, MySQL, MongoDB are my favorite platform to implement interesting tasks to live environment.

I am also expert in build RESTfull API for applications to exchange data and maintain databases.

I’m able to manage a hosting environment and have experience with version control, such as Git.

I have 9+ years working in the Back-end development and REST API development space – some experience added below:

  • Advanced knowledge Node Js, Express Js,PHP, Laravel, Cockpit, Codeigniter, Slim Framework, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, REST API, MySql, MongoDB, SQL, CSS, HTML, and more.s
  • Advanced knowledge of popular CMS frameworks including WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc.
  • Server setup and security; cPanel, and LAMP Apache, macOS/X Server and more.
  • Knowledge of concurrency, resiliency, caching, HTTP and REST.
  • Experience of complex client-side software development and applications.
  • Passionate about building distributed, scalable, reliable, and low latency web applications.
  • Performance and tuning for all websites and applications of all complexity.
  • Enhancing Page Speed, server response time and client-side load speed.
  • Vast experience working in an Agile teams!
  • Excellent writing, communication and technical skills.
  • Experience working with distributed teams of developers, designers and multi-functional teams.
  • Available 24/7 and via Skype or Email!
  • Flexible billing; your project, your terms!


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